Every home automation project is carefully planned & executed


A multi­room audio system gives you the option to independently control music selection and volume from most tablets, touch­screens, computers, and smart­phones. Streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, and Sirius/XM have become the primary source of music, so it's important that your music system can continuously adapt to the growing options.


Video distribution is the most effective way to standardize the simplicity and flexibility of your system. Generally HDMI video matrix switchers are the most common way of distributing video sources (Cable box, Satellite box, Blu­ray, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, Gaming System, etc) to multiple displays (TV's, Projectors, Digital Signage, etc). An alternative solution to matrix switchers is using Video over IP. With 8K UHD around the corner, choosing the right hardware is paramount.


A lighting system can add comfort, elegance, and energy savings to your home or business. The most common option when it comes to a smart lighting system is wireless lighting versus panelized lighting. Both have their strengths and weaknesses depending on the application, and if not planned correctly, can add a great deal of difficulty for the architect, lighting designer, and electrician. Choosing the right solution and manufacturer early in the project is a critical step toward success.


Smart thermostats are the next evolution of heating and cooling your home or business. Smart Thermostats allow a user to have full control of the heat/ac, humidity, and fan speed when they are not on premise. Integration options for temperature control will vary depending on your HVAC equipment. Split level, VRF, and traditional systems from most manufacturers can be programmed to communicate with a smart thermostat. We will consult on the integration options available to you to ensure that the integrity of your system is not compromised.



There are many factors to consider when planning for a security and/or surveillance system. Choosing the right option can be especially difficult if coordination and site planning isn’t properly executed. Some factors to consider when choosing a system are ­­ low light and night­time performance, recording quality, outdoor rating, on­premise or cloud storage recording time, sensor location and sensor type. Our firm will craft a security solution that is effective, reliable, and simple to use.


The quality of a wired and wireless network will directly affect the stability and user experience of the automation system. We will advise on suitable routers, network switches, and indoor/outdoor wireless access point(s) to use for your project. Depending on the application, a redundant internet connection should be considered when building a reliable network. When choosing an internet service provider, there are many options to consider beyond TWC, Comcast, & Fios. Using a third party infrastructure provider can offer dark fiber connectivity to the internet offering clients flexibility, scalability, and simplicity.


Most manufacturers of motorized window treatments provide integration with 3rd party automation systems. The major benefit of integration is the ability to create customized scenes. Shades can automatically adjust during predetermined events offering privacy, convenience, energy savings, and security. One must also consider the type of shade system ­ wired or wireless, single or double roller, draperies or roller shades. Our proficiency and experience in this category will help streamline the process helping our client make an informed decision.


Proper wiring infrastructure is an essential first step to installing an automation system, so that all of the equipment is able to communicate coherently. Understanding the structured wiring options ­­ including wiring type, quantity, and quality can help avoid common mistakes that may impact project budget and waste resources. The equipment rack room requires careful planning and design so that adequate power, ventilation, space, and accessibility is available. Our on­site project management team verifies the integrity of low voltage wiring, electrical requirements, wall reinforcement, and other critical items


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